Dproto 0.9.514

Dproto 0.9.514

Рекомендуем скачать Dproto 0.9.514 последнее на данный момент для вашего сервера cs. Прекрасно работает на последнем HLDS билде 6153 Linux steamcmd, а так же со старыми билдами HLDS. В комплекте также есть версия для windows сервера. Инструкция по установке и предыдущая версия dproto 0.9.510

Changelog dproto 0.9.356:

Поддержка HLDS VoiceTranscoder

Changelog dproto 0.9.383
Убрано падение при кривых индексах.

Changelog dproto 0.9.388
Added SteamIdHashSalt config parameter.
Added optional emulators generated SteamIDs hashing.

Changelog dproto 0.9.390
Fixed bug with HLTV SteamID in connect string set as BOT if cid_HLTV is 5.

Changelog dproto 0.9.391
Checking customization downloads against client resources. Allow to download existing resources only once. Fixes for client_t structure.

Changelog dproto 0.9.475
Fixed trimming CRLF in steam.inf parsing.
Removed config params: FakePlayers_ConnectInitiationCheck, FakePlayers_ClientValidationCheck, FakePlayers_CommandsOrderCheck.
Default to generate steam id by ip for non-steam clients.
Advanced fake clients detection.

Changelog dproto 0.9.476
Fixed SteamID processing.

Changelog dproto 0.9.481
Fixed some of false fake players detections.

Changelog dproto 0.9.491
Added exploit fix.
Fixed RevEmu2013 SteamID assigning on Linux.
Bug fix

Changelog dproto 0.9.497
Bug fix

Changelog dproto 0.9.509
Fixed client commentator mode handling.
Switching to Source type answer when server is flooded with ServerInfo queries.

Changelog dproto 0.9.510
Fixed release 509 issue.

Changelog dproto 0.9.514
Fixed STEAM userid keysize is bogus (0/1024) error.
Fixed issue with rules in release.
Filter setinfo sent out to other clients (thanks to PRoSToTeM@).
New option in config to enable sending of top and bottom colors: SpreadUserInfoColors.

Скачать Dproto 0.9.514:
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