Dproto 0.9.352

Dproto 0.9.352

Рекомендуем скачать Dproto 0.9.352 последнее на данный момент для вашего сервера cs. Прекрасно работает на последнем HLDS билде 6027 Linux steamcmd, а так же со старыми билдами HLDS. В комплекте также есть версия для windows сервера. Инструкция по установке и предыдущая версия dproto 0.9.330.

Changelog dproto 0.9.330:
Added support for latest HLDS builds
If EnableSXEIdGeneration = 1, then sXe Injected is used for the generation of SteamID for everyone except steam clients.
cid_SXEI works correctly now, and it is only used if EnableSXEIdGeneration = 1.
Added support of RevEmu2013 clients.
Added dp_rejmsg_sxei and dp_rejmsg_revemu2013 cvars.
AMXX plugins were updated and now include support for SXEI and RevEmu2013.
Removed messages like: Unable to load strings pool from file './cstrike/estrpool/estrpool_main.dat'.
Added fixes for flood with commands like 'new', 'dlfile', 'sendres', 'fullupdate'.
Check for initial commands order on connect. New FakePlayers_CommandsOrderCheck config option.
Added checking of requested downloads against precached resources. New Exploits_CheckDownloads config option.
Added block of file uploads to the server. Added Exploits_DisableUploads config option.
Ban for repeating connection attempts from same IP.
Ban for violations in connection protocol.
Send VoiceInit on new server builds (initializes voice for old clients) (thanks to Chuvi).
Fixed average PPS calculation. This solves problem with HLSW.
Loading steam server ID and version from steam.inf and steam_appid.txt files.
Fixed server info answer: setting proper steam server ID, version, bots count, correct lock status when password set to "none".
Fixed steam ID generation function to return "BOT" for bots.
Fixed AY&SY and svc_bad error on new Linux builds.
Refactored IPRateFilter to not block HLSW.

Changelog dproto 0.9.352:
Better HLTV client handling to prevent banning.

Скачать Dproto 0.9.352:
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